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Who Takes the Blueberry Cheese?!

January 13, 2010

Who Takes the Blueberry Cheese?!

So, I walked by the V. Sattui Deli and saw what looked like Blueberry Cheese (no… not extra moldy Blue Cheese…but rather actual Blueberry Cheese) and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it …and mouth on it.

I walked over to my new friend Kyle and asked him to cut me a piece. My initial prediction was right…absolutely stupendous. Did I just say stupendous? Yes, if any cheese reserves the right for use of this word, this is the cheese!

Being Italian I’ve tried many cheeses but this one is by far more amazing than so many others.

I compare it to Ricotta Pie. It’s sweet and a bit salty yet the perfect crumbly texture.  This is by far my suggestion of a “got to have”: White Stilton Cheese with Blueberry from England.

White Stilton Cheese with Apricot could also be found beside it, which I might add I also tried today. . .also good.

To continue our theme of colorful and flavorful cheeses, I decided to try Purple Moon Cheddar Cheese (Fiscalini). This a local cheese from Modesto, California, which has been soaked in Cabernet. It’s also a wonderful cheese.

I proceeded to head over to the tasting bar and met with my friend Chris – He offered great wine pairings with all three cheeses.

My pairing suggestion: Purple Moon Cheddar Cheese (Fiscalini)V. Sattui’s 2006 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. What an amazing pairing!!!

For Stilton’s Blueberry Cheese pair V. Sattui 2008 Early Harvest White Riesling.

For Stilton’s Apricot Cheese pair V. Sattui 2007 Muscat.

I take the Blueberry Cheese and think you will also! Cheers!


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